CitySwitch :

CitySwitch was established in 2007, and launched with a Symposium on urban density in Tokyo and Izumo. Since then we have held numerous international workshops and events in three cities: Izumo in Japan (2008-), Newcastle in Australia (2010) and Dalian in China (2012-). In 2012 CitySwitch launched a new CitySwitch project in Shimizu, Japan.

Mentored by architect Hidetoshi Ohno, CitySwitch is a collaboration between Joanne Jakovich and Satoru Yamashiro. The projects in each city are run in collaboration between local organizations and CitySwitch. CitySwitch Japan runs the projects in Japan.

The approach of CitySwitch projects are:
-Production of innovative ideas through the collaboration between people from different backgrounds and coming from different cities
-Production of presentation materials such as installations and videos to communicate the ideas
-Planning and practice of the process beginning with small interventions that lead towards future bigger visions
CitySwitch will develop this approach in other cities in the near future.

E-mail: cityswitchjp@gmail.com
Details in CitySwitch Japan Facebook Pages.